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Is uPVC dangerous?

No.  In the past, cellular PVC used lead as a ‘stabiliser’ to improve its performance.  Swish and Freefoam products supplied by Marlin are all lead-free and therefore are not dangerous in the slightest.

Is uPVC a fire hazard?

All products used by Marlin have a zero fire rating.



Are you insured?

Yes. Marlin has Public Liability insurance for £1,000,000 and unlimited Employers Liability.

Who is liable if a problem occurs with my roof while you are working on it? 

In 20 years’ of business, we have never experienced any problems, however, Marlin is fully insured in case of any problems.

Are you a member of the Consumer Protection Agency?

(organisation authorised by the Financial Services Authority to offer services that provide consumers with protection when purchasing home improvements)

Yes. Marlin was awarded membership to the Consumer Protection Agency.

Are you a member of the Association of Master Craftsmen?


Do you have a previous customer that I can talk to and/or see some previous work?

Yes.  References are available on request.

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Do you provide the scaffolding?

Generally, yes.  On some occasions however, where the scaffolding required is more complex than usual, we have a partner scaffolding company that we use.

Can I use your scaffolding to do my own work?

No as it would not be covered under our insurances.

How long does it take to work on a typical house?

There is no such thing as a typical time for a typical house, as it very much depends on the weather and the size and complexity of the roofline. However, as a very rough guide, a small house would take 1 day.

What happens if it rains while you are working?

Our fitters would not strip any existing parts away if it meant that water might enter your property.

Do you advise on drainage?

Yes.  If the drainage system is blocked or inadequate, we would give our professional advice and guidance.

Can you replace tiles or fix an aerial while you are up on the roof?

We can replace broken or missing roof tiles while on the roof.  We cannot however, fix aerials as this requires an entirely different set of tools.

What happens to the waste at the end of a job?
All waste is disposed of environmentally by Marlin.

Do I need to be present while you carry out the work?

No.  Any extra work can be explained and shown to you.


Do you offer a fixed price for your services?

Yes, for a period of 30 days.

What are your payment terms?
No deposit required.  For domestic clients only there is a 7.5% reduction if you pay within 7 days of receipt of invoice.

What extras do you charge for?

There is an additional charge for rafters if rot is found and we cannot guarantee fixing to them, plus any repair work to broken and slipped tiles.

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